Seven steps to successful lead-generation creative

Successful lead-generation creative Guidelines

Keep these seven guidelines to mind during the your lead generation campaign creative process, as you are developing the copy and design of your communications.

1 – Do your homework.

Analyse the market situation, the competitive situation, and your products strengths and weaknesses. Research your prospects needs and preferences. Develop solid valu proposition and message platform.

2 – Focus on facts.

Business people need facts, so be sure to give them plenty. Motivate the product manager to spend quality time with the copywriter and art director, giving them a thorough understanding of the product and it’s benefits.

3 – Encourage creativity.

You need the breakthrough ideas that cut through the clutter, grab the attention of the prospect , and communicate the benefits of your products in each communication. All you need is enough to elicit a response and move the process along.

4 – Aim for a response only.

You don’t have to tell a prospect everything about your product in each communication. All you need is enough to elicit a response and move the process along.

5 – Make an offer.

You need an offer, presented in a compelling way, to get a response. You need to make clear what you want the prospect to do, and make it easy to response.

6 – Integrate marketing communications

Integrate your direct response communications strategy with your brand communications. For instance, as you ask for a response, be sure the message reflects the look and feel of the rest of the communications mix. Your lead generation will support your brand messaging and will gain leverage from what ever awareness has already been built

7 – Use experienced professionals

Use a copywriter and art director with a strong B2B direct response background for maximum results.

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